Middle East in 2050

1. Iraq Disappears as one Nation. Fewer nations will exist.

2. Large countries like Saudi Arabia will absorb smaller neighbors and form a larger Sunni Nation

3. Iran will absorb Shia regions of Iraq and Afghanistan and form the greater Persia

4. Social upheaval all across the region will result in royal families, dictators leaving the region for good and settling in West

5. Shites and Sunnis focus on bringing greater glory to Middle East through peace, developing Middle East as a key hub for many industries

6. No more Oil left in Middle East. Middle East loses its importance as a power player.

7. Peace and Serenity will exist in Middle East. Middle East may surpass Israel in Science and Technology

8. Middle East becomes a hub for low cost- hi tech hospitals,  catering to Europeans and other wealthy nations, Solar and Wind energy hub, travel destination and airport hub for travelers to Asia

9. Middle East could regain its past glory through Science and Innovation. Early Arabs were pioneers in Mathematics and Science


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