53 Million Prescriptions of ADHD medications for US adult population. Is it surprising?

US adult population is now the largest consumer of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) medications. To many this may sound as wow! and how did this happen? Adult Americans used 53 million prescriptions out of total of 63 million prescriptions. Is attention deficit really a problem among American adult population or it is something else going on?
ADHD medications like Adderall and many others are powerful stimulants and they are amphetamines or based on amphetamine salts. They can have multiple effects such as improving focus and attention, increase aggression, increase libido, increase road rage, improve energy levels, improve athletic performance, improve academic performance, so on and so forth. Amphetamines are also drugs of choice given to US soldiers when fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The amphetamines ability to increase aggression and improve focus in soldiers is important for their survival. However it can also make the soldier do some stupid things that can cost his or her life
Coming back to day to day use of of such powerful stimulants by American adults is of concern. Amphetamines are abused because they are addictive. Many politicians, high energy TV anchors, radio talk show hosts to tv reporters who seem to have extraordinary energy in-spite of their age makes one wonder if they are big users of ADHD medications. Are ADHD medications legalized form of drug use or drug abuse?
One of the interesting aspects of ADHD medications is that they make person very thirsty and they wet their lips frequently if they don’t drink water to quench the dry mouth. This behavior has been observed in one of the politicians Marco Rubio when he addresses public. Some tv personalities with their extreme energy levels and their sometime frivolous comments makes me wonder if theyare on high doses of ADHD medications.
Many doctors use ADHD medications to keep themselves awake, active and energetic and treat more patients. It seems the US becoming a nation of legal drug abusers. From well known politicians, well known TV and radio personalities to common men and women all seem to revel in the magic drug


2 thoughts on “53 Million Prescriptions of ADHD medications for US adult population. Is it surprising?

  1. It’s not surprizing bc when (us) parents go to get our youngins diagnosed, their doctors/psychs point out certain issues and (the fact that it’s genetic) and it makes us see why (us) the parents had such a hard time in school and in social settings… #ADHDstruggles #ADHDsuckssometimes #ADHDoops


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