Hurricane Patricia predictions vs Reality- What is worrying?

Hurricane Patricia hit near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.  The hurricane was very massive, and it was predicted to be most catastrophic hurricane ever to hit the Americas.The expectation was that it will result extensive loss of lives, significant property damage and massive mud slides

The predictions of NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration) , MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  and NWS (National Weather Service) did not come true except the fact that it was the strongest hurricane ever recorded. The hurricane dissipated fast into tropical depression.

The greatest and the best things that happened was none of the catastrophic predictions came true. While this is great news such as no loss of lives, or major property damage the bad news is that with all great Science  and technology, Scientists could not predict the impact. This is worrisome.

Why it is worrisome? What happens if the Scientists continue to predict the impact incorrectly of these giant storms, and one day they make terrible mistake in predictions that cause severe loss of life, significant property damage. In hurricane Katrina predictions were wrong as to the impact of it on people’s lives. The global warming is constantly changing the environment and its impact on severe weather phenomenon like hurricanes is dynamic. The simple truth it is hard for Scientists to predict precisely rapid changes in weather due to man made global warming.


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