Most powerful Hindu Fanatic and Jewish Business man against Muslims and Christians of the World

The Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi  and Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Facebook  share  many common  beliefs. They are very close friends. Zuckerberg has visited India a few times and Modi visits Face book headquarters to meet Zuckerberg on his trips to US. Mr. Modi is well known in India not just as a prime minister but as a Hindu fanatic who condones the violence against Muslims, Christians, intellectuals and writers. Any one who opposes Modi’s views are killed or they are disgraced. Doesn’t it remind us of the rise of Third Reich.

Mark Zuckerberg is a great business man. Facebook one of the most powerful companies in the World. 1 billion people use Facebook, hundreds of millions of small and big businesses use Facebook as a commercial platform for selling products. Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be the only company that should be used by at-least 1/2 of World population. The population of such magnitude exists in India and China. Zuckerberg speaks excellent Chinese and he has personal relationship with Modi. This means Mark is accomplishing his goals as the only major Social networking platform for billions of people in these two Nations.

What are Zuckerberg’s beliefs? No one has reported his personal beliefs. The best answer are his unspoken words and  his actions. He is Jewish, he may have as much hatred for Muslims(like Modi), may not like antisemitism spreading across Europe, he believes in one strong leader(autocratic-himself ) , his lieutenants are Jewish Women (Sheryl Sandberg) who are allowed to speak about independence of women, and his wife is obedient Chinese-American women. This is all well staged to show Americans that Facebook does not discriminate against women. Modi Govt also includes women but they are puppets and can speak as allowed by Modi about violence against women and this is also well staged.

The binding them is “Jewish Businessmen  and Hindu fanatic’s crusade  against Muslims, Christians and Women.


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