Will our children and grand children of mother Earth inherit a clean planet?

The recent scandal about German car manufacturer VW  manipulating the emissions testing globally to sell more cars is astounding and very pathetic. They have not only fooled the public that strongly believes in sustainability, cleaner environment, but also the governments from all over the World where they sell their cars. Greed and profits over values  will always be the sustaining motivation for companies here and elsewhere. At the end of the day the public should not trust the companies that preach clean environment, recycling, sustainability but actually seek information on their claims and check for themselves about lofty claims made by companies to sell their products. A vigilant public is the most powerful force to reckon with for corporations. Now what happens is countries such as India, China will  care a damn about this sustainability, clean environment slogan. This does not bode well for future generations unless we the people take some strong action

It seems the future of our children and grand children and the generations to come is in our hands. We the people must scrutinize all corporations, government officials who give licenses and permits to manufacture products in their respective countries. This is the only way I can think of.


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